Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer projects

Here is the view from my office today :) Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I have been in a "blog funk" and haven't been able to think of anything interesting to write about. My summers are filled with dye cutting letters for the following school year, and this summer is no different. however, I do enjoy being able to catch up on my DVR while I work (latest obsession, RetroMTV episodes of The Hills!!)
Each person on my team takes home a summer project (or has another big job to do) and when one of my co-workers retired I took on her job of dye cutting enough letters for all classes to make the word of the week (12,000 in all!!) This year I had a parent count how many of each letter were left from the previous years so that I could hopefully cut back how many I needed to make. I am so happy I did that, because it cut my letter making down to 6,077! That's almost 1/2! 
I am so thankful for this because we also have a big job this summer in finding the apps we plan on using on our new ipads! I only have 7 letters in the alphabet left and then it's on to children's ipad app exploration!

What else is up with me this summer? Funny you ask! I have spent most of the summer without a voice/sore throat and finally saw a specialist today. Turns out it is a virus that is holding on tight as well as acid reflux. Well, that is no fun!! Doesn't my body know I want to be singing at the top of my lungs with the windows down or outside on a run enjoying this beautiful weather we've been having? Rude!
Hoping it goes away soon....

What have you been up to this summer?