Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sick days

It is no secret that teachers get sick. With all of the bugs that go around schools we are often found sniffling and coughing. It rarely takes a teacher out of the classroom though. Simply because it is just too much darn work to prepare for a sub. It might be just me, but unless I am really sick I do not miss school. I am completely confident in my amazing sub pool, it is just so much work to come back that is usually isn't worth it. And more than 1 day? ya.right.

Well, this week has been another story. I have been hit with a nasty cold that has had me down for the count and missing my voice all week. I tried to go back wednesday, but barely made it through the day. Have you ever tried teaching kindergarten without a voice?! It is HARD!

So, I'm stuck home again today...wishing I was at school. Crazy, huh? I plan on going back tomorrow, no matter what. maybe it is because I am going to be gone monday....oh geez. Will my students even remember me?!