Meet Mrs. Bee

I have been an Oregonian all of my life and was brought up surrounded by amazing role models in my teachers, family, and friends. I have always enjoyed working with children, whether it be through church, volunteering at schools, or playing with my niece and nephew. Just like my mom, I have always been drawn to the excitement and energy that children bring. I couldn't imagine my life without my mom...but that is a story for another time! She rocks!

As anyone who has ever met me can attest, I am an avid UofO Football fan and went there for my undergraduate and masters degrees. Even as a child I went to football games in Eugene with my family. In college, I met my match in my wonderful husband, Mr. Bee who also is a diehard Duck. We even had a UofO themed wedding, we are truly a match made by God! :)

Mr Bee and I married last summer and are living together in my childhood home (sans the parents :) ) Talk about an experience! We have a wonderful dog, Mac, whom we adopted from the humane society a year ago. He is a Catahoula Leopard Dog and Shepherd Mix and full of energy! We got him so that I would have a running buddy for my marathon training (I have run 3 so far) and it turns out he is quite the whimp when it comes to running. Oh well! He does the shorter runs with me. 

I grew up cheerleading and after college returned to my hometown and immediately began coaching at my alma mater. I have just recently "Retired" after 3 years of coaching but am looking forward to spending as much time as I can working with the team. I worked with such an awesome team of cheerleaders and coaches and I miss them dearly! Go Timberwolves!

I was blessed to find a job in a bad economy teaching my dream job, kindergarten, in the very district I grew up in. While it is a 1/2 time kinder position with only 1 session, I find myself very fortunate to have a job doing what I love when so many people do not. Life is good and I am blessed! I look forward to letting you know more about me as my blog continues, and hopefully will learn more about you all as well!


Hadar said...

You are very lucky to be teaching at your district you grew up in! There is an opening for a kinder position at the school I went to and I'm praying I will get it! hahah!


Mrs. Bee said...

I LOVE it!! Good luck, can't wait to hear!!

Bibi said...

Hi Ms Bee I am Ms Bibi, Your blog drew me to it for so many reasons. I have used bees as my theme for all of the 6 years I have been teaching in Marietta, GA. And I see you do too. Also, my daughter starts her freshman at UofO. She is playing soccer. So far from Atlanta. I love Eugene. I just wish it were closer. I love your ideas. GO DUCKS!

Mrs. Bee said...

Awesome!! I'm glad you stopped by! Go Ducks! :)

travelingteacher said...

Hi! I also started out teaching .5 kinder in the district I grew up in (in Phx) thing led to another and I have turned into a traveling teacher and love it! And met my fiance through my travels! Your blog is super cute...please come check mine out-I am new!

Katrinao said...

I was looking for a 'bee' graphic for a project I was doing and your site popped up thru google images and led me to your website.....funny what a small world it I am now way over here in NY. Hope you are well:)