Wednesday, April 11, 2012

multi-administrator observations

Have you ever heard of instructional rounds? Well, we just had them at our school today!

A group of principals and district administrators visit each of the schools for a day and spend 20 minutes observing each classroom looking for one specific "problem area" that the principal addresses ahead of time.

Sounds scary, right? Well, I thought we were exempt because we were originally told that kinder would not be participating. I was surprised to find out (when I opened the schedule last week!) that not only were we in fact a part of the rounds, but we were first up AND the superintendent was going to be in my room!


I have been a ball of nerves for the past couple of days. 3 principals and the superintendent were going to watch my class during 20 minutes of a reading lesson.

Would my kids behave? Would they feel my nerves and act crazy?
Would the kids get the "first grade sound" that I was teaching?? (we have moved on to blends and today was /ar/) Or would I just get blank looks and zero engagement??

Well, I am happy to report that it went well!! The super didn't end up being able to make it, but the other principals and district admin looked happy and my kids were awesome!

I'm interested to see if we ever hear about what the feedback was...

phew! now it's time for a nap! ;)

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Mrs. M said...

Whew! That would be nerve wrecking! I'm glad it went well and your kids were superstars. =) We have something similar however we are not told about it ahead of time. The super and other admin. from our central office just show up and observe. They were in my room earlier this year for a mini lesson and one round of literacy centers. They watched me and asked the kids questions while they worked in their centers. Uggh. My kids did great though thank goodness!

Sneaker Teacher said...

Oh my goodness...I forgot that was today. Glad you survived it...I saw the email about how the staff shouldn't be nervous..yeah right! I am glad it went well!

Chrissy said...

I'm sure you were amazing! We are learning /ar/, too! Oh, if only I could teach with a pirate unit--we would have so much fun!