Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A peek at our big day

Wow! we had an action packed day today in kindergarten!
(This is a copy of the post that I wrote on our classroom blog, it was such a fun day I wanted to share it on here, too!)

Reading/Writing: We learned about the sound /sh/ and reviewed /ng/ as in ring. The class is doing great with these blends! We have been working on "Stretching and counting" words into sounds and today was the first time that we used that skill to write words! We stretched out the words ship, shop, hat and run. The class has been noticing words we write during sound writing, so this was a natural progression to begin purposeful writing of words. It was wonderful! Look for word writing to come home on friday.

Math: We practiced putting together our "number parade" of 1-10 and connected number partners with "5 groups". one example of this is 7 has 5 and 2 as its number partners. We will continue working on this, as it can be a tough concept for some kids. Using fingers, square inch tiles and visuals like dots can help your child visualize what number partners look like.

Book Fair: today we browsed the book fair at the durham library! the parent-staff organization (PSO) graciously donated 50 dollars worth of books to each class, and by having our class look at the books today I was able to get a great idea for what they would like added to our classroom library! If you are interested in getting a book from the fair it is open before and after school for families to come check it out!

*did you child tell you about our special visitor today? My niece and sister came to visit and joined us at the book fair and participated in part of class time. The kids in our class did such an amazing job at welcoming my little 4 year old niece into our classroom. My bucket was overflowing at how sweet they all were :) My sister commented on how awesome our class was! We really are a great group of kinders :) 

Social Studies: We learned about Nepal and shared some fun facts about the country. Nepal is the home of Mt Everest and the "Abominable Snowman". The kids loved this fact :) We also learned that they speak Nepali and say hello/goodbye by saying "namaste". two weeks ago we learned they say this in India as well.

Star of the week: Asti brought the star backpack filled with many things that begin with the sound /n/ today. The kids loved seeing all of her fun ideas including "Nice clothes" and a "Neon necklace"! We then shared our star snack of nutrigrain bars. Thank you, Asti!

Today your child brought home a blank white paper with directions stapled to it. This is our December family project where you will get to help decide what your family traditions are and display them on the paper. When your child has completed their family project, you can send it back with them and they will get to share about their family in the classroom. Some ideas we talked about today were:

Football (my example was the Oregon Ducks! A BIG family tradition for me!)

I can't wait to learn more about your child's family traditions! :)

My favorite part of the day was my niece visiting. It was SO COOL seeing her blend in with the class! I read a counting book and she was chiming in right with my class! We did "n and 1 more is" and she would know the answer every time! I was so proud :) I thought behaviorally it might be harder for her, but she really did blend in with the class so well! I think i've talked about this on here before, but she is a september 14th birthday, which means she won't be 5 until after the next school year starts. this is such a tough one because normally I don't think kids should start at 4, even if their birthday is so close. But with her, I am really torn! She fit in so well! What do you think? Am I biased? lol. probably!! I'd love you input!! Best Blogger Tips
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