Monday, March 5, 2012


In my district we are given one personal day a year where we can take it for whatever we want, as long as it does not extend a holiday or vacation. They call it our "floating holiday". I decided to take my holiday on friday (don't worry, I lined up my amazing sub ahead of time!) so that I could attend a friend's funeral. I figured this was something I could not get the time off for normally, but would be a perfect (albeit sad) way to use my floating holiday. I wanted to honor my friend and be able to celebrate his life, so I lined up my sub and filled out the necessary paperwork before I left thursday. Unfortunately, thursday I also had a minor (cosmetic? mole) removal done and between that (I swear, they could NOT numb me up!!) and the tickle in my throat I woke up friday SICK! Not only did I feel like crud and have stitches next to my nose, I had the most terrible migraine i've had in a long time. I could hardly get out of bed to move to the couch, let alone get ready for the funeral. I had to miss it, and was really sad to not be able to share the memories of my friend. I know that it is not the end of the world, but I would have liked to have been there. :( So not only did I take my holiday for a not-fun event, I ended up missing said event on being sick. If only I could have changed it from a holiday to a sick day.... don't worry, I asked. The answer was "no" (color me shocked...) At least I had the long weekend to sleep (think-all day, all night!) I returned to school today feeling almost back to myself, and the kiddos were super sweet. they barely even asked what I had on my face :) (Stitches come out tomorrow, hopefully!) I didn't even begin to explain where I was friday....they just think I was at the doctor. Well, that's close enough! Best Blogger Tips
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1 comment:

Sharon Dudley said...

It sounds like you had a truly horrible weekend! I really hope that this week is better for you. If you're feeling up to it, come and take a look at my blog. I have many freebies for your kiddos that might cheer you up.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT