Tuesday, March 6, 2012

random gifts

Don't you just love the look a kid has in their eyes when they have something to give you? I don't live in a community where teachers get elaborate gifts or presents all the time(I've heard of vacation homes, baby showers, etc!). In my classroom, and at this age, a lot of the time it is a random note they wrote or a sticker. they are so proud. and I love it. In the past few weeks I've had quite a chuckle from the gifts i've received... *One little girl gave me a pretty heart foam thing after valentines day. a couple of days later she asked me if I remembered it. I told her it was being treasured on my desk. She said she was just letting me borrow it, and she wanted it back the next day. Oh yes, the next day she took it back. haha. I thought this was odd, but didn't talk to her about how when you give a gift you can't take it back. or else you have to tell the person you would like to share it with them (right?). Well, a couple of weeks later she gave me a silly band and a button. she said she wants it back. hahaha *An adorable little boy in my class gave me a "sticker" today. he pulled it out of his pocket and BEAMED at me. It was a 3cent stamp. bahahaha. I asked him if his daddy gave it to him. he said no, he found them. there was a whole pad in his pocket. I smiled and kindly told him that they were used for sending letters in the mail, and his daddy would be really happy if he gave them to him instead of me. I couldn't help but smile, it reminded me of when I was in kindergarten and got ahold of my mom and dads checkbook....yes, I passed out blank checks to the whole neighborhood...my parents got a shock out of that! The neighbor told them they found ripped up checks lining the street. Good thing we lived in an uncorrupted city at the time!(That wouldn't fly in Eugene anymore! haha) What random gifts have you received? Best Blogger Tips
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Sneaker Teacher said...

That is too funny about the girl wanting things back. I would be in trouble because sometimes I recycle... I try not to, but I found a huge stack of Christmas notes and cards in storage and I was like do I REALLY need to keep these FOREVER...

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Anonymous said...

Children are too funny sometimes! Newest follower!