Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butterfly fail

Our class has been patiently waiting for our butterflies to emerge from their chrysalises. As of today 4 of the 5 had come out and looked like they were ready to leave the classroom, but we were waiting on the 5th little guy. Today I noticed that one looked like he was stuck in the tray with cotton ball soaked sugar water...upon further investigation I found the problem...all of the water had evaporated from the balls and it was now pure sticky sugar lining the tray. Oops! I tried to rescue the guy and keep some dignity (I am GROSSED out by touching insects!) but then I got nervous that the new sugar water would cause the same sticky mess.

Our 5th guy came out early this morning and looked pretty happy. Wings dried and he was moving around. I jumped at the chance to let the butterflies go outside at the end of the day so that I could calm my "butterfly suicide" fears and lessen the classroom distractions that have been a daily occurrence.

The class was super excited to let the butterflies free! only problem is, there were no flowers blooming outside! What?! the only rhodie bush that had blooms on it was in the middle of the parking lot, and it was am kinder dismissal time. I was NOT going to go down that route with the kiddos in my class this year!

We let them out by one of the other rhodie bushes and hoped they would fly away quickly. 4 of the 5 immediately fell into the grass. I thought for sure the kids would crush them in their excitement. I sharply reminded them to stay back so they wouldn't step on one by accident. Only 1 flew away. the rest sadly laid in the grass....

The kiddos seemed happy to have let the butterflies go. But after I put the kids on the bus I went back and they were still there. so I left the sugar tray and hoped they would get a little bit more energy up so they would fly away on their own to find real flowers to eat...

part of me is really nervous that when I go to school in the morning they will still be where I left them...not sure what I will do if that happens?! Best Blogger Tips
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