Friday, June 1, 2012

Class Award, Assessments and General Randomness

Considering there are 8 days left of school, 2 of which include field day and a field trip, i'd say i'm doing pretty well! But as the title of this post might suggest, my brain is a little scattered! :)

Class Award
My class won the Golden Dustpan award for the month of may! This may not seem too exciting to you, but I was FLOORED! Kindergarten is not known for its "tidiness", but my OCD tendencies and extra push for cleanliness lately I think is really helping! My kids were so thrilled to hear our name over the announcements, and I was doubly thrilled to see that this award comes with my very own parking spot! It's too bad I get to school so early that I have up front parking every day already! haha. but honestly, being 1/2 time, if I leave and come back there is almost never a parking spot for me! I have at least 2 days in the next couple weeks that I will be coming back for meetings, so this makes me a very happy girl! 

we had our end of the year DIBELS assessments this week and we were all anxiously awaiting our results. Our reading specialist is ah-maz-ing and so she got them out to us before the day ended (I seriously love this woman!!) I was pretty bummed to see some of my kiddos didn't score as highly as I thought they would. don't get me wrong, the class still did really well as a whole, but a couple of the kiddos (2 of my brightest readers!) scored in the strategic category and had their scores DROP significantly. This floored me, so I talked to our reading specialist about it and she agreed that assessing them one more time might be a good idea. I am so happy to report that their scores significantly improved the 2nd time and overall I can tell that dibels day was an "off" day for some of my kiddos. I know it shouldn't bother me like it does, but it can be so frustrating when they show you such an accelerated reading level on a daily basis and then their "official" scores show them as needing extra support. Even if they were to retest at the original score, it puts me at ease to be able to check back one more time to make sure. Am I just crazy?

General Randomness
one of my little girls came back from the bathroom today with a tissue next to her lip. she showed me a small bump that was a little bloody and said that she "popped a zit"...umm, seriously? Is it even possible for a 5 year old to have a zit?! She loves to tell fabricated stories, but it definitely looked like a popped zit (not that I know about those...ugh) I just can't figure this one out!!

What about you? any general randomness for the week? :)

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Lisa R. said...

My brain feels scattered too with everything that needs to get done this last week, but I keep trying to remember that we are on the home stretch now!! Enjoy your weekend!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Congrats on getting the award!! I would love a front row parking spot. That is such a great idea.