Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Last day

Today was the last day of am kindergarten and i couldn't feel more loved by my class! Look at how sweet their gifts are? I teach at a title 1 school so it means so much to me when they reach out and even write a heart felt card, let alone shower me the way they did today!

The rest of the school has a half day tomorrow but because there would't be a pm kinder we finish half day a day early! After a super busy week of field trips, 2 different placement meetings for next year and the overall craziness of the last day I am definitely looking forward to a quiet day of packing up my room for summer tomorrow!

But for now i'm off to my other job :)

Happy summer!!!
I think we are one of the last states to be getting out for summer break, but if you are still in school i wish you all the best!! Just keep reminding yourself you get to start later than everyone in the fall! Everyone will be jealous come august! ;)
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J Tilton said...

Sweet gifts! Enjoy your summer!

Miss Trayers said...

So sweet! My kids kept saying "why are people giving you presents, is it your birthday or something?" :)


Lisa R. said...

That's so sweet!! Enjoy the start to your summer vacation!! :)

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