Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ipads in the classroom

This year we have 1:1 ipads in all of our kindergarten classrooms thanks to a digital learning grant we applied for last year through our district. I was so excited to have them (and still am!) but had no IDEA how much work it would be?

Why is it that technology never seems to work the way it is supposed to? the biggest challenge has been wireless syncing, so that you don't have to plug in each device one at a time. it is supposed to work like a breeze, but for whatever reason the ipads are always disconnecting or not being recognized. ugh. My patience is slim because of being pregnant, and these issues don't help!

It is a good thing that all of the stress goes away once you see the kinders using them! (or at least it goes away for the rest of the session and comes back as soon as they leave) It has been so cool seeing the excitement in the kids faces when they get to do something as simple as whiteboard applications. they are just so much more fun on an ipad! I am also loving the ipads as a behavior management tool. Aka, you are following my directions? No Ipad. It is that simple!  (Disclaimer: I only take them away if they are doing things they shouldn't be WHILE we are using the ipads, not just as a punishment for negative behavior)

Here are some of the apps we are loving right now. I'm sure we'll add to the list, but here is what I have loaded on the ipads to use on a daily basis.
Line Em Up
Story Kit
Letter School
Hungry Fish

What apps are you loving? what grade do you teach? Best Blogger Tips
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