Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trip to "Little House on the Prairie"

Before I start this post can I just say that today I made a "quick" trip to the mall to exchange a couple of things. Umm, what was I thinking?? It was complete craziness there! Ugh. I'm definitely not a crowd shopper, the deals are just not worth it! I was planning on doing a little "school clothes" shopping spree to update my wardrobe (I dress by far the oldest and frumpiest at my school, how sad!!) I made it out with a couple sweaters and a pair of jeans...I've got a long way to go. maybe I'll brave it again in a couple weeks. the line at victoria's secret alone took 40 minutes to get through! yikes!

Anyways...onto my post topic....

My aunt and grandma went to visit the "Little House on the Prairie" while on a trip last summer, and they picked up some awesome posters for me! I just HAD to share them with you all!

Aren't they cute??? Pretty funny, too! I was saying how weird the "marry or engage in improper conduct" rule was, and my Grandma told me that her mom was dismissed because she got married and pregnant! wow. My favorite rule was the one for male teachers who can "take one evening a week for courting purposes, or two evenings a week if they go to church regularly". Oh my gosh, I died laughing! Too funny!

 I really want to frame them and put them up in my classroom...but I'm thinking i'll only do that with the Teacher's Prayer. :)

Hope you guys got a smile out of these like I did :) It's time for me to finish packing for our annual NYE trip! Each year we go to a different place with the same group of friends from college. We leave in the wee hours of the morning for San Diego. I can't wait to enjoy the sunshine with some of my best friends!! It'll be a nice break from the torrential rain in Oregon that's happening right now....

Happy New Year! (a little early) Best Blogger Tips
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Erika said...

Those are awesome! I've always wanted to go there. Book nerd, I know.
2B Honey Bunch

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

I am awarding you the Liebster Award!

Congrats-fellow bee theme teacher! LOL

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