Thursday, August 11, 2011

Canada Recap

Hey lovely blog friends!

I am back and finally starting to feel settled in! It's amazing how a short vacation can actually make you feel MORE stressed! I came back to a house that needed to be cleaned badly, lots of work to do in my classroom, and a lot to work on for the church children's program I am working to start with a group of wonderful people! Here is a short recap:

2 of my best friends and myself drove up to washington last week to surprise my mom for her birthday. We went to rainforest cafe and it was so much fun!! She was really surprised :) Bonus- I got to see my adorable niece and nephew! Don't you just love her face? haha.

After lunch we stayed the night at my parents new house and enjoyed the lake just a 5 minute walk away. We had so much fun with them! My parents are pretty awesome :)

Then we got up early friday and drove the rest of the way to Vancouver, BC. I LOVE this city!! We went dancing friday night after a fun bbq. Here are some pics of the girls and I reunited
The next day we drove into the city and stayed the night with one of the girls. Her view is spectacular!!

Overall it was a super fun and relaxing weekend!! I love these girls so much! 

Now i'm back to reality, working on lists for what we need to buy for the new church children's ministry and such, plus working on my classroom trying to get ready! We officially start back on the 29th, but there's so much to do I keep trying to get as much as I can done so I'm prepared. We all know when Mrs. Sneaker gets back from Germany we'll spend as much time catching up on our missed chatting time as we do planning :) (Hurry and come home, missy!:) )

Are you feeling the stress of school starting? The summer goes too fast!!

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1 comment:

Sneaker Teacher said...

We are totally gonna spend a lot of time chatting, but we need to get to work too! I have SO much to do. I am sending good vibes for prompt rug arrival!!! Fingers crossed.