Thursday, August 25, 2011

The good, the bad and the Skunk.

Well, it's been a mixed couple of days! Yesterday was good and bad :) haha. First I did our annual kinder planning day which went great! We got a lot done and for the most part I am feeling good about this year (not everything is done yet) I even talked to my principal and got out of the beginning of the year district rally next week so I can work in my room (1/2 time employees don't get a lot of in room time during inservice week) I also got my projector to work, the tech person found out my ponytail was broken and that's why it wouldn't project my laptop anymore! Here is the final product of my beehive behavior chart, I'm so excited!!
And then comes the bad. After work last night, where I am a waitress, I found out my dog had been skunked while I was gone. Oh joy. (Did I mention at work a construction worker clipped a sprinkler head and set off the fire alarm/flooded part of the gym AND the power went out? oh ya) So this morning  I got up early and went to buy the ingredients to "help get the smell out" of the dog. It is only going to help a bit, but anything will do! I am picking up a friend from the airport in a couple of hours who is staying at our place for the first time, and then we run in the Hood To Coast Relay starting tomorrow am and ending Saturday around 4. So, hopefully I can get the skunk smell to dissapate and then get onto my large to-do list before we take off tomorrow. The lucky people sharing a van with me during the race (6 sorority sisters) will get to enjoy my lovely Eau Du Skunk :) Bahahahaha. Wish me luck!

I leave you with the aftermath of cleaning the dog :)
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Chrissy said...

Oh, poor puppy!

I just looked at your Shelfari--I met Jen Lancaster a couple of years ago and I love her! Well, I loved her before I met her, but meeting her proved that she is exactly who you think she, it has been a long day. Am I making any sense?!

Good luck with the beginning of the year!

albert said...

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