Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In the room again...

I feel like I have spent every day this summer either working on stuff for next year or working on my classroom. Yet, it also seems like nothing gets checked off my to-do list. So frustrating! I know a lot is getting done, but many of these projects are big and I am only completing progress towards them, not getting them finished. Does anyone else feel that way? Part of it is my own fault, I keep finding awesome ideas on all of your blogs and implementing them in my room...LOTS of extra tasks I have created due to this :) But my kids will thank you for it!!

So today, shockingly, I was in my room again. I spent about 2 hours laminating and working on changing my bulletin boards. For the past 3 years I haven't taken down the paper I have only changed the borders and contents, so that has helped with time. This time around, I am changing the layout of my room so today I took down all of the old stuff and put up new ones. Just measuring paper takes a lot of time on its own! Here is some of the progress I made today....

Closets that I need to clean out (we put all of our stuff in there for the summer cleaning) 

All of the loot I have accumulated from Target and the Dollar Store that I get to decide where  to use. :)

New Math (yellow) and Reading (green) boards. Our new carpets will help facilitate easy rotations between the two subjects. Yay! Thanks to Mrs. Sneaker's friend at another school in our district for this idea!

My new table arrangement. Hoping this will work! It will depend on how many kiddos I get this year, because the tables are kind of close...

My new word wall! It used to be over on the other side of the room, but with the new streamlined math/reading area it works better here!

My new reading corner. I am so excited about this! It has our leveled reading books on the bookshelf and lots of fun pillows and such to cuddle with while reading. hopefully this will help the kids want to read instead of look at my picture books which are on the other carpet. I also plan on sitting on this carpet during out "flag/country of the week" time, where we will learn about a new country that corresponds with our letter of the week. I feel like it's kind of random having it in the reading corner, but will see if it works.

As you can see, there is still a lot to do and quite a bit of chaos and garbage :) It's a work in progress! But now I feel like I can wait to go back in until next week when my awesome teammate Mrs. Sneaker returns from Germany! We're planning on getting a lot done with planning and in between that I should be able to do some organizing to finish up the room!

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Chrissy said...

Your room is going to be fabulous! I love your cabinets--are they helpful or do they get cluttered? (like mine, lol!)

Your first paragraph completely captured my experience this summer. By the beginning of August, I had collected so many ideas, well, my head was spinning. I still have a ton of filing to do. We are two days into the new year and everything is running smoothly, HURRAY!

Now, if I can only teach the proper way to use scissors.....:-)

Mrs. Bee said...

Thanks, Chrissy!! I know what you mean about the closets, I need to be more organized! I like to think of it as organized chaos, because I know where everything is! :)

Glad to hear your start is going well!! And amen to the scissors comment! hahahahah

Sneaker Teacher said...

I am jealous of your progress! I have so much to do...

Mrs. Bee said...

I'm getting it all done so that I can help you when you get back!!! :)