Monday, August 22, 2011

Names and helper chart

Well today I stopped by my classroom for a little bit to see Mrs. Sneaker, so happy she is back! While I was there I *tried* to get some work done. Now one might think I didn't get much done because I was too busy chatting, but actually, it was my darn computer having issues! (or maybe just me)
First, I couldn't get my laptop to hook up to my projector (even though it was last year) and for the life on me I can't figure out what is wrong! I called the IT department, but because they cut media specialists this year, they are way understaffed and were not able to help me. Great. Who knows when this will get fixed. I wanted to project a honeycomb so that I could make my new "beehive" incentive chart. Think like a gumball machine, but with a beehive instead. it's going to be cute, but I need to trace the picture to make it work, and when I printed it out the hive was just too big. Grr...

Then, I decided to work on printing my new class list/labels to get my postcards out....well, our database isn't letting me get into it for some reason. Again, the IT department will help me eventually, but can't right now. Oh joy. For now, I was able to get a list of names only. The list only has 17 kiddos, so I can only imagine I'll have a bunch added in the next couple of weeks. At least I was able to write names on the I just need addresses... Oh, and the names? I've got some crazy ones!! I even emailed the secretary in charge of enrollment to make sure a name was correct. The name ends with Jj. doesn't that seem like it would be a typo? well, she checked and NO it is not! Wow...

The couple of weeks before school starts can be so frustrating. The kids coming is so close and so whenever something does not go as planned it just feels that much more overwhelming....I'm sure it will work out, I just need help with my sanity in the meantime! Oh ya, and it doesn't help that this week is UBER packed! 2 work training's (for waitressing??), 2 shifts, a team planning day, bible study, date with a friend AND I pick up a friend from the airport thursday and then we're off to run the Hood to Coast Relay! phew!
Here is the 1 thing I completed in 2 hours, haha. 

On a happier note, Mr. Bee and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this weekend! We relaxed at the hotel we stayed at for our wedding downtown all weekend, such a blast! We visited the saturday market, got voodoo doughnuts (famous in oregon!) and even stopped by the food carts for lunch. Oh ya, and romantic dinners and such :)

How are you handling the end of the summer rush?? Best Blogger Tips
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