Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Life is Busy (with a capital B!) It always feels like this at the beginning of the year, but right now I am having a harder time balancing than usual...maybe it is because...

  • I am a kindergarten teacher. enough said :)
  • I am a part of an exciting church plant opportunity in our community! We are launching October 9th, so there is a lot going on to get the children's ministry ready to begin! Think inflatables, exploration, music, snacks, and FUN! Sooo excited for this!
  • I am waitressing part time still
  • I also want to be the best wife I can be :)
  • We just began doggie sitting for 2 of our best friends pup Kirby, an adorable bulldog. he's here with our big boy and having a lot of fun! Pics to come :)
Understand why I'm exhausted??

Well here's a quick recap of life!
  • We're in our first full week of school and I must say I am loving my class! Sure, there are the usual suspects ;), but as a whole they are doing SO well and the number 19 just seems to die for! Today we even had our first fire drill and while my expectations were very high, for the more part they held up to them!
  • We're still waiting for our new rugs to come, so management on the "invisible carpet" has been rough to say the least. It should be coming by tomorrow afternoon! woohoo! I am trying to hold off official reading instruction until it comes. right now we are doing more intro work and I am itching to begin Fast Track Phonics (Love this program!)
  • Back to School night was monday. it was our first time participating in kindergarten and having 2 sessions was REALLY hard with all of the questions kinder parents inevitably have. The first intro from our staff went over, so by the time they got into my room and sat down we were already behind. And of course my presentation went over, so by the time it was time to talk to my second session (only 1 parent) there was only a few minutes left. The poor mom felt pretty upset about this and left in tears. After crying myself I talked to my principal and agreed to email that mom right away. I apologized profusely for it and we agreed to meet and talk through "Back to School night info" on friday after the kids leave. hopefully this will go well!
  • My Donor's Choose science supplies arrived today! I was so excited to break those bad boys open and am now looking forward to using them during our travel tuesday rotations! I plan on using 1 exploration station a week for science (along with our new curriculum). During travel tuesdays we will also be having a reading station and a word work station. 
I so badly want to share all of the fun stuff we've been doing, but it will have to wait. Hope you're all doing fantastically in your new classes!

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Mandee said...

you ARE so busy! How do you do it? I thought I was busy...but you really are:) Sounds like our vino night is going to have to wait a few weeks until you get more settled.

Ms. Baseball said...

I admire you so much! I could never do everything that you do - especially with teaching. You are so amazing!