Friday, September 23, 2011


Today was jog-a-thon day for our RoadRunners!! We had so much fun! This day is always one of my favorite days because I get to share my love of running with my kids!! It was already warm when my class ran at 9:30, and it was supposed to get much warmer, so I'm feeling a little sorry for the classes that are running right now!!

 Here are some fun pics from the event :)

Yesterday we did a triathalon style survey where the kids chose their favorite activity. Only 1 other student chose running with me, but today they were all amazing runners! :)

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Mandee said...

how fun!! That's cool that you got to run with them:) gettin paid to work out!

Sneaker Teacher said...

It was SO hot at 1:30....we definitely deserved those popsicles at the end!

Erika said...

We had our first annual jog-a-thon two weeks ago at 1 pm when the temperature was in the upper 80's! We had a blast inspite of the heat, but had to give up a Sunday afternoon. Hope we can convince "them" a weekday would be better. Are parents involved much? I'd love to hear how yours is done.