Friday, September 16, 2011

Great end to a great week!

I am LOVING that I can look back on this first full week and LOVE what I'm seeing! Sure, life is crazy busy and no not every child has been an angel, but it has been overall-awesome! Here is the highlights :) (some non school related)

  • My niece and nephew had their joint birthday party last sunday. I <3 them more than words!!

  • We had our first SL2 (church plant) KidsRock meeting at the new house! Only 3 weeks to the launch and things are looking great! ( did I manage to sign myself up to make the blog for KidsRock, too? Oi) This is the view from the living room! wow!

  • Our new rug came!! Finally I don't have to call it the invisible rug and can actually begin teaching again! haha

  • And my favorite of all...I have so many bucket fillers in my room! oh my gosh, they are soo sweet! One little girl continues to show me a heart made with her hands (bucket filled!) Another little girl constantly shows me I love you in sign (any dipping from other kids is gone!) a 3rd little boy keeps commenting on how full my bucket must be and my personal favorite is a little girl who literally over 10 times today told me with growing enthusiasm and vocabulary that I am the "bestest teacher in the whole wide world" and modeled this with her arms stretched wide. My bucket is literally running over! I need to remember all of this love when I am feeling drained. Because there is nothing like kindergartners to fill you right back up with love!
Happy Friday Bloggy Friends!
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Jennifer Knopf said...

My firsties are adorable, but I have to admit I sometimes sneak next door for some kindergarten loving! I love your new rug, it looks huge!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Sneaker Teacher said...

My Sophie called you her favorite teacher again today and I said, wait aren't I your favorite teacher??? And she said, you both are. Haha! She loves you! Now that she has stopped crying another one has taken her place.

Chrissy said...

Hi! I passed the Versatile Blogger Award your way :-)
Come over and grab the button!