Friday, January 20, 2012

3 little pigs

Don't you just love the story of the 3 little pigs?

Well, this week was P week in kindergarten and as our art activity (we only get 1 a week! sad, I know!!) we made the 3 little pigs houses out of food items. I always love this project, but get nervous about tackling all of the supplies. It went awesome! here's what we did:

First, we watched a short disney version on youtube. Last year a kid in another class got scared from a disney character and poor Mrs. Sneaker had to get the wrath of the parent, so this time I warned the kids about the "scary" wolf and we talked em  how he never hurt them and that in the end he is the one who runs away scared. Man, those old school disney characters can be kind of creepy, though!

then each kiddo got their own "3 little pigs houses" to decorate and a supply tray. we used sticks to "paint" on the glue.

the "straw" (aka shredded wheat) was a big messier, so I had the kids bring their papers to me after they put glue on the first house and I applied the straw. This made it a lot easier to handle!

then they created the rest! 
didn't they turn out cute??

It took awhile to finish because the kids were so precise, but I loved it! The only problem was, my room was "borrowed" for testing that afternoon. Normally I am warned asked to use my room, but this time the testers showed up without my knowledge and the desks were filled with projects. I was pretty annoyed, but overall the guest were respectful of the projects (I only found 1 on the floor, a table moved and chairs everywhere when I got to school this morning...)

Anyways, I love art in kindergarten!! If only we could have it everyday (Seriously?? What has this world come to when art is not in kindergarten???) Now i'm off to plan next week's reading, writing, and math (oh ya, and the one art lesson...). 2 hours and 20 minutes is just not enough time anymore!!

Do you get art everyday? If you do, what kind of math/reading curriculum are you using? Do you have to stay on a lesson-a-day format or can you be flexible to add these activities in?

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Kimberly said...

Love the houses! 3 Little Pigs is one of my favorite stories. :)
Funky First Grade Fun

Jennyfer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ If you are interested we have a few open slots on our Cascade Lakes team!!


sunnymum said...

They did turn out very cute! I'm sad you don't get more art in your week.


Any chance we could get a copy of your house template?? Pretty please? :-)