Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow days?

Well, here in the NW they have been threatening "Snowmageddon" since it's come and gone and while other districts have had delays and district stayed open. EVEN during the active snow (ok, so it never accumulated. Just slushy) storm yesterday. Probably a smart decision, but it was ridiculously hard to keep the kids focused. You see, we NEVER get snow. so it is pretty exciting! Just to make it worse, yesterday was DIBELs testing too! I was so nervous. but, we got the scores back and my kids rocked it! woohoo!!

my kids also earned our "honeycomb" party for filling up our behavior chart. Our party was an impromptu field trip walk in the snow :)

Now it's just really windy. Not so fun to play outside in.

I told Mr. Bee last night that while i've never been on board with moving to washington (near our families), I am finally "in", considering they are completely covered with snow right now! I'm so jealous! I <3 snow!
the view from our front door that Mr. Bee sent me while I was at school! (Sorry I can't rotate!)

our reading specialist while organizing DIBELs :)
my kiddos watching the snow fall while waiting for DIBELs to be over

snow coming down

anyways, this is kind of a random post. I promise to go back to a real blog topic tomorrow :)

On a more fun note...
I just got back from yoga class with my friends at our high school! My family friend is a yoga instructor and is also the curriculum secretary at the hight school, so she teaches a class to just female staff in the library on wednesdays after they are done with work. Today I joined and it was my friend, the front desk secretary (I worked with her as an assistant for 3 years in high school! we're super close!), my sophomore english teacher (AWESOME lady!) and one other teacher. Can you say FUN?! and she kicked our butts, too! I am so excited to get to join them every week! (although tomorrow i'm going to be so sore from my physical therapy, running and yoga today!)

Do you take any gym classes with friends or teachers from high school?
 I LOVE living in my hometown and teaching in the same district, it's brought me even closer to the amazing women I looked up to as a high schooler! Best Blogger Tips
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Miss W said...

If you want snow, you should come up to Alaska! Of course it's below freezing {like -15} and it's dark most of the time, but we have lot's of snow!

✪ Miss W

Miss W Teaches