Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon training plan

Today i'm linking up with Nicole at Running in Heels to share my next training plan (for running). I've talked about running very little on this blog, but I'd love to share my love for running with you and what i'm doing right now! (besides teaching, of course!)
If you're a runner and would like to link up your training plan, you can click on the link above. Even if you're not, I would HIGHLY recommend clicking on the link below and checking out Nicole's blog. Nicole is a fellow duck like me, but her awesomeness doesn't stop there! She is a self proclaimed "running addict,coffee-loving, jesus believing, (dog) adorer, shoe-aholic!" Umm hello!? How have we not met? lol. Anyways,  She's awesome! 
I am about to begin training for my first half marathon (although i've run 3 full marathons and a 200 mile relay!) and could not be more excited!! We are running the inaugural Rock and Roll Portland 1/2. I've heard such great things about these races, it should be a lot of fun! And I definitely love that this race doesn't offer a full, so I won't feel bad ;) While I have loved (and will run again) marathon's, I am definitely excited for the different challenge of a half-marathon. I am going to be running it with my best friend Ms. Baseball. This is our first race together (and her first 1/2 too!) and I can't wait to share the experience with her!
I'm also excited for the training! It is going to be so much more feasible to fit in my daily life, whereas when I have trained for fulls in the past they seemed to TAKEOVER my life. I love running, and don't mind following a schedule, but sometimes the time it took for me to do them seemed overwhelming! 
I took this plan (basically) from Jeff Galloway's Run Injury Free program. I've never done his plans before, but this one looked good for both Ms. Baseball and I! 
Are you training for anything? Have you before? link up and share your experiences with us! I'd love to hear all about it!

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Sneaker Teacher said...

I am thinking about planning for a half marathon in the fall so I have some motivation to get out and run with baby Sneaker after she is born! 1. I have to make use of the expensive BOB stroller I asked my mom for and 2. I want to get back into shape asap....so I may try the Portland half in October...and I may need some buddies to run/train with!!

Nicole said...

Thank you for linking up! And good luck training! I want to do the Rock n Roll half, but I think it's too soon after the Eugene half for it to be safe and good for my body. And also, I had NO idea you are a UO alumni too, and secondly I had no idea that you live in Oregon! And one more random thing, I checked out your friend's blog (Ms. Baseball) and saw that her fiance played for the Volcanoes down in Salem....I worked there for two years during college! What a small world!