Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leveled Library

I'm thinking of taking on the task of leveling my library this summer...I have a mish-mash of books that I was given/have collected since starting kinder 3 years ago, and there is not much method to my library madness. Right now they are organized by size (kind of) and soft cover/magazine/hard cover. I don't feel like it is very conducive for the kiddos to find books at their level, but am not sure where to start.

I'm planning on going to the dollar store and buying shoe boxes to organize. Should I do the guided a-l leveled reading system like Ladybug? Or maybe a color coding system like our kinder reading library is already set up in the hallway? (a little harder to organize in my opinion). Or should I just go by genre? Ugh, I'm torn in so many directions!

What have you seen or done in kindergarten?? Help!! Best Blogger Tips
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Sneaker Teacher said...

I need to do mine too. Even to just start with grouping the non-fiction books by themes or something...I will have to wait until all my other books come back from Germany, but this is one of my goals too! Library organizing date this summer!!!


Anonymous said...

We went through and entered the title of every single book into our AR (Accelerated Reader) system. This gave us the info of level and whether or not it was AR. We labeled every single book AR and then level. We made baskets of books based on this level. It took a long time for us to do that but we wanted to know at a glance if the book was an AR test. My personal library of books are in themes and in containers labeled and ready for me to pull off the shelf and use. Now I just need to take them to school this year.

Good Luck!!
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Mrs. Berg said...

I know exactly what you are going through. I debated on that myself and am in the process of organizing my library. I am sorting them by genre but on the books' label I will put the reading level too. I was thinking that this way I could potentially sort them by genre or by reading level quickly. Hopefully, I can train the kids to look for their reading level throughout the different genre bins. Good luck!

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