Thursday, June 30, 2011


Transitions are a tricky thing to master! My first year of teaching, my principal had me really focus on transitions, and I must say as hard as this was at the time, it's been a great help to my teaching! With smooth transitions and clear expectations, I am much more able to utilize the short 2 hour and 20 minutes I have each day with my kinders.

Here are some of the transitions I use

1. Morning routine

  • Music- when the song comes on, it is time to clean up. When the song ends, if everyone is seated on the carpet, we get a "gumball" (incentive chart reward towards earning a party). I use Sing and Spell volume 1 and 2 from heidisongs. This is an AWESOME tool for practicing sight words as well. my kids LOVE them!
2. Carpet transitions
  • Magic word- when I say the word of the day, it is time to walk quietly to our desks.
3. Lining up
  • I either excuse the kiddo''s by table group, color they are wearing, or age. Sometimes I also throw in a letter in their name (all kiddo's whose name starts with A)
  • We sing the song before we walk in the hall
 My hands are glued behind my back, 
I'm standing straight and tall
my eyes are looking straight ahead
I'm ready for the hall. 
4. Clean up from play time
  • when I chime the bell  (i give a few reminders before I chime the bell), if everything is cleaned up, I will pick a magic piece of garbage. the kiddo who finds it will get a small prize (usually a candy heart) Great way to clean at the end of the day!!
I also use these various tools
  • clapping a rhythm.
  • Give me 5 (eyes, hands, bodies, mouths quiet, ears listening) If they are really good at this, we get a gumball.
Sounds like a lot, but the transitions really work well when taught and practiced! The hardest part is in the beginning, making sure to keep them accountable to doing exactly what you expect before you move on. 

What do you do? Join in on Little Miss Kindergarten's transitions linky party and share your ideas!
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