Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer To Do List Linky Party

As if I really needed to start thinking about this list (It runs my mind already!) 6 more days!
I'm joining Littlest Learners linky party. Hop on!

Before the school year ends:
1. start/finish gift buckets
2. bind alphabet books
3. Classroom field trip FISHING!!

Classroom To-Do
1. Organize library- thanks to Ladybug's teacher files I will be creating my leveled library this summer! I have already started leveling my bookshelves, and have found that a lot of my books do not have a Scholastic level...hmm...not sure, might end up having 2 library systems? I want to have the leveled library for the class to be more involved in quiet reading time vs. random book look. We'll see how it works! This weekend I'm off to the Scholastic Wearhouse sale with the fabulous Mrs. Sneaker and hoping we can snag some good deals on beginning leveled readers!

2. Create a more structured learning labs. The past 3 years there has been little structure to learning labs (aka play) besides having only 2 kids per play area (sign up board regulated) But, with only 2 hours and 20 minutes a day, I'm leaning towards having more standards driven games instead of free time (maybe the free time will be once a week instead) This will include sight word games, themed labs in math, listening stations, etc. Thanks to Teachers Pay Teachers and Extra Special Teaching I've already got a bunch of ideas started!

3. Invest in a new rug. I want one like this:
anyone know of a good place to find this at a good price? My teammate is going to get one, too! We've had the oval shaped alphabet one for year, which is great, but there tends to be a lot of chaos around sitting in your own space. I've been doing tape spots for awhile now, and it's finally time to give in! :)

4. Die-cut over 30,000 (I think that's the number we came up with last year) alphabet letters. We do ALL of our word wall letters over the summer so that all we have to do is pull them when we need them throughout the year. It's a BIG task during the summer, but well worth the work! Check out our word wall words here. Last summer I did this while planning a wedding...maybe not the best project to take on, haha. This summer should I much better!

I'm sure there's more, but I'm content with just these HUGE projects for now! haha. 

Fun To-Do List :)
1. READ! I've got the new sookie book and another book I've had on the back burner between school, bible study and book club. I'm so excited to read for fun!

2. Take care of the garden/hopefully have some grass growing soon! :) I am a newly converted OCD gardener and loving it!

3. Go camping! I <3 camping

4. Lay by the pool/lake/ocean/just plain outside as much as possible

Ahh..This sounds good!
What's your summer looking like?

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