Monday, June 20, 2011

Need help leveling books

Ok, so I'm in the final stages of creating my (1st version :) ) guided reading leveled library. I have separated all of my books that fall in the Fountas and Pinnell A-L reading levels and am now labeling them individually to go in corresponding leveled boxes (Leveled Library)

Now I'm stuck with a few books that I know will fit in the system somewhere, but am having a ridiculously hard time figuring out where! I bought them at the scholastic warehouse sale. I originally thought they would be more at the beginner level, but upon reading them have noticed they are definitely more advanced (think sight words and a mix of long vowels). My guess is they belong somewhere in the k-l category. Thoughts?

I'm also trying to level a few beginners books from our Treasure's curriculum. They are given a lexile but no guided reading. Is there a way to correspond the two types of leveling? Any thoughts would be appreciated! :) 

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Molli927 said...

has a correlation between lexile & guided reading levels.

there are also lists at the back of on of the fountas & pinnell books that list books & their level (some were listed that didn't come up on scholastic book wizard)

Chrissy said...

Scholastic's site will give you the reading levels of their books. Click the Book Wizard link! This helped me last year.