Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to School Supplies

I was lucky enough to come into a well oiled machine when it came to supply organization! These ladies were PROS! 3 years later, I still love the way we do our kinder meet and greet. The week before school starts we have a evening where families come, check in, meet their teacher, and drop off their supplies. Once they check in with me, they kiddos go into the classroom/hallway where there are spots labeled for each supply item. once they have sorted them, they can check out the room and get their picture taken. This is also when I have parents sign up volunteer info (days available, contact info, etc).

Once the rush has died down and everyone has dropped off their supplies, there is an ice cream social in the cafeteria. We head in about half way through, and the kids go on a short bus ride with chaperones while we introduce ourselves/go over general information about kindergarten.

During this time, a few volunteers (not current parents) put away all of the supplies for us. So when we are done, everything has been put in its closet/place and we are good to go!! How awesome is this??

Now a little disclaimer: We will be changing this a little bit this year. in the past, we have not participated in back to school night because we do the meet and greet. this year we are planning on doing the meet and greet without the presentation. We will then give a more in depth presentation to our class only the first week of school at back to school night.

We used to have a bbq (before I came) it was called the Kinder Q. How cute is that??? aww...budget cuts...

How do you organize your classroom supplies?? Check out Mrs. Kincaid's Linky Party and share your ideas!

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Donut Diva said...

Just wondering how do you fund the ice cream social and how do you get the word out. Our meet and greet is district wide from 11 - 1 the day before school starts it is a terrible time.
What other things does your school do to involve parents and families. I am student council advisor and trying to think of some new ideas.

Mrs. Bee said...

Great question!!
Our wonderful PSO (parent-staff organization) helps fund our ice cream! They even help run the event!! Our event is only for our school (so we can set the time) usually from 5:30ish-7:30ish if I remember correctly. that way parents can come after work. Our school sends out a letter to incoming families a couple weeks before the event to let them know who their teacher is, info on the meet and greet and first day of school. I think they might also do an automated reminder as well the night before.
We have a secretary that speaks spanish, so she translates over a wireless signal to headphones for parents who need translation. It's great!!
Parent involvement definitely can be a continuous battle, but I've found that connecting through email (and finding out email or paper preferences) has helped a lot! I use my classroom blog to update parents, but also send email/note reminders about anything important. We also have a bi-monthly newsletter that goes out with information on all events/school news. The front office secretary makes and distributes this, and it can either be delivered to the students class or by email depending on preferences.

Wow, there are lots of ideas! Maybe this is a new idea for a linky party :)

Anonymous said...

Jealousy ensues. ;)

Thanks for linking up! I should share this post with our PTO!

✰ Mrs. Kincaid
Mrs. Kincaid’s First Grade