Thursday, July 21, 2011

Classroom update

Well, I just got back from my classroom and am excited to say I am DONE dye cutting for the summer! (See Word Wall Post for more on that) Phew! So, now for an update on my summer to do list. The big job is done, but there is still plenty to do!!

(See Summer To-do list for more info)

1. organize library- almost done! I've sorted all of my books, and now they just need to be put in their bins (labeled already!) I'll probably do that when I get back to school and set up my new library area. I've also started a detailed spreadsheet with the books I have that go with specific lessons or themes, which I am also almost done with! Our kinder team will be combining our lists to make a more comprehensive library. Yay!

Also, I found this super cute (and affordable!) Book rack on amazon!! I've been wanting an option other than keeping my theme of the week books on the whiteboard, and this is perfect! Only 26.99!
(this is where I used to keep books. see bottom right of picture. the books were always falling off!)
Now I can keep this baby in my new library area! woohoo!

2. learning labs- this is my next step...ugh. I was planning on doing structured folder games/activities...and now I am leaning towards Mrs. Sneaker's format of having learning labs 1-2 times a week and social skills lessons on the other days (while
 the eld kiddos are out of the room) We are talking about what this might look like. so for now, I'm going to develop a smaller learning labs structure just in case, and add to it should I need to. This is kind of scary for me, because I can't picture what it is going to look like....

3. new rug- they have been ordered and are on their way as we speak!! Thanks Mrs. Sneaker!!

4. Die cutting- done!!

and of course, i've added to my list and am now working on my
1. new bee theme, lots to do on that!
2. making a "Book hospital" box, cute!
3. new helper charts
4. and of course, buying every cute thing I see/need (haha)

Fun To-Do List :)
1. READ! I've been slacking, but am in the beginning of reading Heaven is for real. SO GOOD!!

2. Take care of the garden/hopefully have some grass growing soon! :) DONE! A work in progress, but I love it!

3. Go camping! sadly, this hasn't been done yet...but I am going to Canada with girlfriends in a week!

4. Lay by the pool/lake/ocean/just plain outside as much as possible- never enough :)

How's your to-do list looking?
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Kristin said...

I just wanted to say I'm in the middle of "Heaven Is For Real" too!! I'm loving it and getting goosebumps the whole way through.
Congrats on accomplishing the die cut job!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Hey Mrs. Bee! Thank you so much for your awesome and soooooooo helpful advice you gave! I have spent way to long on here tonight.....I even miss Housewives of NY! LOL, thank goodness for dvr. Again, thank you so very much!
Busy in Kindergarten!

Alysia Battista said...

Caught the sight word swatting in the the idea! Miss B, Busy Bee

Chrissy said...

Your new blog layout is adorable! Love the header!