Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coolest thing ever!

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the awesome blogs who just got mentioned in the 50 best teaching blogs by the California Teaching Credential website! I was super excited to see some amazing bloggers mentioned! As a kindergarten teacher, I look up to these writers and they had a part in beginning my own blog, but to see then recognized like this is incredible! Check these ladies out!

1. Mrs. Sneaker! A very special shout out to my teaching partner who was on the list! You rock!
2. Heidisongs- this chick rocks! I use her "sing and spell" cd every day for transitions and morning work
3. Little Miss Glamour- her name says it all! I aspire to be this awesome woman!
4. Ms M- awesome teacher with great ideas!

Congrats, ladies!

Check out the rest of the list, I know I will be! (Mr. Bee is going to kill me! haha)


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Mandee said...

I put the quimoa in a rice maker the same way I would with rice, with 1 part quimoa and 2 parts water! I either get the quimoa from Bob's Red Mill or in bulk at Fred Meyer!

Mandee said...

yes I think I waited until the button popped but I usually stand over it impatiently and watch it so if it gets done early I take it out! haha