Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wild about this wednesday!

Okay, first things first, thank you for reading my blog! I was so touched when the amazing Mrs. Sneaker referred me on her blog, but then to see how many of you came to visit and follow my blog was truly an awesome feeling! THANK YOU! I will do my best not to disappoint :) I just LOVE reading other people's blogs, whether teaching or not, and have found some of my favorite ones through referrals and blog lists. I am hoping I can be one for you as well!

So thankfully today was a MUCH better day than yesterday. I'm not sure what it was, but I found myself in the teacher end of the year funk. Just overall cranky for no apparent reason. add is a surprise performance that my kids were asked to do and it was not a good day. Well, today I came into school with a much needed attitude adjustment and couldn't have felt better! The kids were cute, their performance was adorable, AND we even managed to fit in some great learning opportunities. in a 2 hour 20 minute class that's not too shabby! Here are the highlights of the day:

1. Our performance for the volunteer brunch! The kids sang and danced to a song they had learned in music class called "heel, toe, on the line, will you be a friend of mine?" (or something along those lines) precious moment! I'm hoping to get a video or some pictures to share. it was so fun to watch them shine! I had been nervous, because when we were asked yesterday to do this most of the kids did not remember the dance and it was a big "silly fest". A little practice and it was a hit!

2. Mark D. Pencil has a great cd about classroom routines and expectations and Katie found a video to go along with the song for "super e" about long vowels. Oh my gosh, so cute!!! We watched the video and the kids LOVED it. Can I just say how much I love YouTube?? oh ya, I do all the time. haha. Then we did a writing practice exercise from Fast Track and we highlighted using "SUPER E" on works like game, like and spoke. I am attempting to get the kids who can't remember the e on the end of words to have a new buddy, super e, to remind them :) It looks like it might just work!

3. We earned a gumball party and it looks like the kids will be having a 10 minute outside recess on friday on top of the school wide PBS incentive of crazy hair day. Crossing my fingers that any learning will occur that day, haha!

4. and we did a fun art project for butterflies! We colored and soaked coffee filters yesterday, and then we cut them and glued them together with eyes, ribbon and a pipe cleaner to make a butterfly. 

Happy Wednesday! Now i'm off for a run in the torrential rain (will it be like this friday? hoping not!! We need that recess OUTSIDE!)
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Sneaker Teacher said...

I think I am going to show Super E tomorrow! I will have to save the cape and super hero mask for next year....

It was POURING down rain when I took the PM kiddos out to the bus. Horrible. Guess I need to realize that we have not yet crossed over into flip flop weather despite my fresh pedi!

<3 KT

Mandee said...

your kids sound so cute, and I remember making those exact butterflies at some point in elementary school!!!