Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun filled friday

I meant to write this update on friday, and it is already sunday! Where has the time gone?? I've been having so much fun reading other blogs and getting great ideas for fun gadgets, but i'm finally sitting down to update you all on friday's fun!

Friday was an insane day in kindergarten. Not only had the school won a school-wide crazy hair day (hilarious!) but my kiddos had also won a "Gumball party" for filling up our gumball chart for good behavior. Mix this in with "fun friday" and celebration for the end of one child's "First Steps" plan, and you have one CRAZY day! I had to keep reminding myself to take deep breaths and enjoy the day, but at times I was running around like a mad woman. haha.

The day started pretty calmly with our normal writing and reading time, then some math, and then we were off to PE. When we came back from PE, that's when the craziness began! I was able to fit in a really fun lesson I found on TpT to go along with Eric Carle's The Mixed Up Chameleon, which I loved! I read the story and we talked about what a chameleon does. Then, we made our own chameleon blend in on a piece of scrapbook paper. Here are a couple pieces of work!

After we finished our lesson we did a few more math and writing activities, and then it was time to fit in all of the celebrations in less than 10 minutes (when the kids get back from ELD) We announced the end of the First Step game prize, which my little guy chose a toy for everyone. I told the kids they would get their prize as they got on the buses. Then, we went outside and crossed our fingers and prayed (well, I prayed!) that it wouldn't rain so they could have their gumball party AND fun friday (only about 7 minutes left before buses, but they didn't seem to mind!) It began to drizzle, but we made it!

So as you can see, there just is not enough time in our short day to celebrate more than 1 thing. Which is a bummer, because I definitely think that it is important to reward the children when you say you will. Hence the crazy busy day! If any of you teach 1/2 day, how do you fit it all in? (when you are not allowed to skip any core lessons or go into eld time)

Hope you all are enjoying your 3 day weekend! (by the way, I am SO jealous of all of you who are already out of school!) In between downpours I am spending the weekend with Mr. Bee relaxing and gardening! Best Blogger Tips
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Mandee said...

their little drawings are precious! I am in awe that you can keep calm and carry on with that many kids. I would die/pull my hair out with that much craziness going on! But their cuteness would be worth it:)

Ana said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I love it!
My children love the story and this year I will be adding this activity!
Thanks for sharing Mrs Bee!

Anonymous said...

Hi I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading! Kindergarten sounds a great age to teach, I teach 8 to 10 year olds in the UK but you and a few others are tempting me to go to the younger ones!

bakingteacher said...