Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teacher's Pay Teachers I found this website through Peterson's Primary Peeps and let me tell you, I am obsessed!! It has so many teacher created lessons and tools that are either free or really cheap! Most have pdf downloads of the lesson plans or printables. Towards the end of the year we have more time in class to be creative and this website has already given me a bunch of ideas! I love searching through the free lessons other teachers have posted, I highly recommend checking it out! This week I've already planned 3 lessons from ideas I found on here. So cool! Best Blogger Tips
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Teachers Market said...

I love too! It's a great resource!

Cute blog, too!


Peterson's Primary Peeps said...

Aw thank you for posting my blog. That made my day when I saw it. Thank you for all the websites as well.

Mrs. Bee said...

Peterson's- OF COURSE! I am so glad you posted about it on your blog, I have gotten so many exciting ideas I had to stop for awhile! Thanks for sharing it!