Monday, July 11, 2011

Do you Vistaprint??

Can I get a "heck ya" for vistaprint?? C'mon, you must know what I'm talking about! If you don't, you need to :) Even if you're not a teacher, my hubs and I have used it for address stamps (Mr. Bee RAVES about this!) and christmas photo cards. <3 Vistaprint!! The best part is all the deals you can get!! I foundVista Print Addicts and through the deal codes posted I just got ALL of these things for a total of 26.99! The big banner was pretty much the entire cost, everything else was free!! check it out!! Do you vistaprint???

sticky notes-free

business cards-free

business cards to go home with parents at beginning of year-free


self ink stamper!!-free!

magnet for whiteboard-free! Maybe I won't have kids asking what to do all the time? (Wishful thinking!)

business card magnets-going home in back to school night packets!!-free!
back- postcard to send home in august-free!! *I got the postcard from Keen on Kindergarten, check her out for great kinder ideas!! 

poster-free! *Disclaimer- I found this graphic through one of the amazing blogs I follow, Gracehopper Learning check her out for some awesome freebies and ideas!


BIG banner for the meet and greet! will go behind benches the 3 kinder teachers sit at during check in :) -20.99

AWESOME CREATIONS!! I made a bunch more things, but didn't order them because I didn't want to spend any money. haha. love the freebies!! Only downside is you can't upload any pictures (or clipart) or it costs more. I still <3 vistaprint! What have you made?
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Vintage Teacher said...

I am waiting for my first order to come. Looking forward to seeing the quality etc. I have business cards, magazine rack cards, signs, etc. I ordered as much as I could for free.

Sneaker Teacher said...

I love all your loot! Well done Mrs. Bee :0)

meesabelle said...

I just found and love vp too! I just got my first order in, which inspired my first linky party which is going on right now. Please check it out! Thanks!

First Grade Frame of Mind

tmarie said...

Love the meet and greet banner! What a great idea!

Thanks for linking up!
Spotlight on Kindergarten

Caroline Brantley said...

I love all of your fun stuff. Was it hard to make the noise level banner? Is there anyway to send a link for it?

Mrs. Bee said...

Caroline- definitely! If you email me I can send you the file I uploaded and then directions on how to make it! :)

Mrs. Hicks said...

I love the noise lever poster. I need to make one.

Nancy Wilson said...

Thanks for linking up! I really like your noise level poster!
Thanks, Nancy
The Apple Basket Teacher

Mrs. Gaither said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing--I love all the wonderful ideas!
meet me at the zoo...

Mrs. Bee said...

I'll be making a post about how to make the noise level poster soon! :) Thanks for all the positive comments!

Amazing Bats! Treasure Hunt said...

i like your wonderful idea.I love all of your fun stuff. Was it hard to make the noise level banner? Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Bee said...

It was super easy! All I did was upload the image I had gotten from another teacher blog (I so wish I could remember who that was!!!) and then chose a small poster template to add it to! Vista print rocks! I'll be posting about it soon, but if you want me to email you the upload just message me! :)

Meredith said...

Great ideas! Love the homework stamps. Those cupcake business cards are so cute too! I've ordered business cards from them before but never thought to put our classroom website/blog address on them-looks like I need to order a new set :)
Keen on Kindergarten

Sheena said...

Hi! All of your stuff is super cute! I have not ordered anything from vp before (shocker!) and am compiling my first order. I see on their homepage some of the free items they offer, such as a pen, stamp, bumper sticker, etc. How did you get so many other items for free? Thanks!

Learning in 2nd Grade

raj said...

wow that was very nice to see for everyone ... thank you..

Sweet Fairy said...

These are great. How can i get free designs of plastic business cards from vistaprint?